500ML Large Paper Plates Compostable Disposable Food Tray

Short Description:

Food grade material, safe and odorless, waterproof and oilproof,

Can microwave heating up to 120 degrees, can be refrigerated -20 degrees,

Intimate lift, easy to lift and cover,

Thickened pressure-resistant, strong load-bearing

The box body is sleek, burr-free.

  • Thickness: 0.1mm
  • Whether it is degradable: Yes
  • Material: paper
  • Packing Quantity: 50pcs/carton
  • Category: Disposable Plates
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    The Strength You Need – Be confident your disposable paper plate can handle your heaviest foods. Sturdier than other disposable dinnerware, this compostable plates are microwave- and freezer-safe.

    Reduce Your Footprint – Small steps can have a big impact. Choose sustainably sourced biodegradable plates that are made with bagasse sugarcane pulp fiber, a byproduct of sugar cane production.

    Make a Meaningful Change – Save time and decrease your waste. Easily dispose of your compostable paper plates in a composter, or bury in your backyard. In ideal conditions, they decompose in 3 to 6 months!

    Leakproof Protection – Never dine on soggy dinnerware. Your heavy duty paper plates are leakproof against all liquids, including oil, so you can delight in your steamy meal without a second thought.

    Easy Elegance – Elevate your party decor without compromising on convenience. Sophisticated yet simple, your small paper plates enhance your wedding or holiday and require minimal cleanup.

    500ML Large Paper Plates Compostable Disposable Food Tray


    Q: Are these oval paper plates suitable for hot and cold food?

    A: Yes, oval paper plates can be used to serve both hot and cold foods. They are usually made of sturdy materials that can withstand moderate temperatures.

     Q: What are the dimensions of these oval paper plates?

    A: Oval paper plates can vary in size, but they are generally longer and narrower than round paper plates. They range in length from 8 to 10 inches and in width from 5 to 7 inches.

     Q: Can these oval plates be used to serve cheese and crackers?

    Answer: Of course! Oval paper plates are perfect for serving cheese, pepperoni, crackers, and other bite-sized appetizers. Their elongated shape makes it easy to arrange and display these items.

     Q: Are these oval paper plates environmentally friendly?

    A: The environmental friendliness of these oval paper plates depends on the specific product. Look for plates made from recycled paper or labeled as biodegradable to ensure a more sustainable option.

     Q: Can these oval paper plates be washed and reused?

    A: The oval paper plate is designed for single use and cannot be washed or reused. However, they are lightweight and easy to handle after use, reducing the need for cleanup.

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