750ML Disposable Food Containers with lids For Taking Away

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SPECIFICATIONS:Available in carton sizes of 100 sets, 200 sets, and 300 sets, these sugarcane fiber biodegradable bowls are the perfect eco-friendly solution for your food packaging needs. With the option to customize them with your logo, these bowls are both practical and brand-friendly.

PREMIUM QUALITY:Crafted from 100% natural and biodegradable materials, our bowls are not only environmentally-friendly but also add a touch of elegance to your dining experience. The embossed design and smooth, burr-free finish enhance the overall aesthetic and improve the quality of life.

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VERSATILE AND CONVENIENT: The thickened, water and oil-proof bowls are perfect for daily use, family parties, outdoor picnics, and even travel. They can easily accommodate various food items and also serve as convenient take-away food containers.

OPTIMAL SIZE AND DURABILITY: Designed to suit your daily dietary needs, these bowls are perfect for salads, steaks, spaghetti, and more. Made from sturdy and durable materials, they can withstand rough handling during picnics, barbecues, camping trips, and even midnight snacking sessions.

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MICROWAVE AND FREEZER SAFE: Our bowls are microwave and freezer safe, allowing you to reheat and store your favorite meals without any worries. Whether you're preparing advanced meal preps, practicing diet portion control, or simply enjoying healthy and nutritious to-go meals, these bowls provide utmost convenience.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Made from cornstarch, these bowls are completely degradable and contribute to reducing the environmental impact. They are free from harmful bleaches, ensuring a safe dining experience for you and your loved ones.Invest in these advanced and sustainable mealtime solutions and make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the convenience and reliability they offer.


1. What is a Disposable Food Box?

A Disposable Food Box is a type of single-use food packaging box commonly used in the foodservice industry. It is typically made from materials such as plastic, paperboard, or foam and is used to hold hot meals, cold foods, take-out meals, etc.

2. What are the advantages of using Disposable Food Boxes?

Disposable Food Boxes have several advantages:
- Convenience and hygiene: Being disposable, they eliminate the need for cleaning and sanitizing.
- Effective food preservation: They help maintain the temperature and moisture of the food, keeping it fresh and preserving its taste and texture.
- Versatile materials: They come in various materials suitable for different food packaging needs.
- Leak-proof design: They prevent food from leaking during transport.

3. What are the common uses of Disposable Food Boxes?

Disposable Food Boxes are commonly used for the following purposes:
- Take-out packaging: Used for packaging and delivering meals and take-out food.
- Buffets and fast food: Used as serving containers for buffet-style meals and fast-food establishments.
- Parties and events: Used to hold food, snacks, and finger foods at gatherings and events.
- Shipping and transportation: Used for transporting food, maintaining quality and hygiene.

4. Can Disposable Food Boxes be recycled?

The recyclability of Disposable Food Boxes depends on the manufacturing material. In general, paperboard boxes and certain types of plastic food containers can be recycled and should be placed in the appropriate recycling bins. However, some packaging boxes may not be recyclable due to contamination and should be disposed of according to local environmental guidelines.

5. What is the environmental impact of Disposable Food Boxes?

Since Disposable Food Boxes are typically single-use, they contribute to a significant amount of waste, causing an environmental impact. Some plastic products may take decades or even centuries to decompose. Therefore, promoting sustainable practices and using biodegradable materials for food packaging is crucial in reducing the negative environmental impact.

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