E-BEE 8 Inch Bagasse Cutlery Paper Plates for Deliver BBQ

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This Comfy Package 8 inch eco-friendly heavy-duty paper-like disposable plates is perfect for serving hot or cold.

100% Sugarcane Fiber- Made of 100% bagasse sugarcane fiber which makes the paper plates 100% compostable and biodegradable making them better for the environment since no trees were used to create the plates, leaving Earth with more greenery and oxygen.

  • Thickness: 0.1mm
  • Whether it is degradable: Yes
  • Material: paper
  • Packing Quantity: 50pcs/carton
  • Category: Disposable Plates
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    Heavy-duty Plates- With no plastic or wax lining it's designed with superior strength and is cut-resistant and leak-resistant and won't break or crack even with a full plate of pressure.

    Wide Rim- The wide and high rim makes it the perfect plate to serve saucy foods without worrying about spills and messes.

    Authentic Brown Color- Its color provides realness and a healthy, pure vibe. Additionally, it has the added benefit of being unbleached making it the safest, natural option.

    Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable, therefore not polluting our water, air, or environment. Safe waste.

    All in all, our biodegradable disposable tableware is a great alternative to traditional plastic. It is made from natural and renewable resources, free from harmful chemicals, biodegradable and compostable. Using these eco-friendly products is a great way to reduce waste and pollution while promoting sustainability and a cleaner environment.

    E-BEE 8 Inch Bagasse Cutlery Paper Plates for Deliver BBQ


    1. What are food grade materials?

    Food grade materials are safe for contact with food and beverages. They are specifically designed to ensure that no harmful substances or chemicals leach into the food, maintaining its safety and quality.

    2. Are these disposable plates safe to use?

    Yes, these disposable plates are safe to use. They are made from food grade materials, ensuring that they are free from toxins, chemicals, and hazardous substances. Additionally, they are odorless, which means they do not leave any unpleasant smell on the food.

    3. Can these plates be used in the microwave?

    Yes, these plates are microwave safe. They can be heated up to 120 degrees Celsius without warping, deforming, or releasing any harmful substances. However, it is still important to follow the instructions provided to avoid overheating or damaging the plate.

    4. Can these plates be refrigerated?

    Absolutely! These plates can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for refrigeration. Feel free to store your food or leftovers in the refrigerator without worrying about the plates getting damaged.

    5. Are these plates easy to handle and cover?

    Yes, these plates come with an intimate lift design that makes them easy to handle and cover. The lift design allows for a comfortable grip, ensuring that you can easily carry the plate without slipping or spilling. Furthermore, covering the plates is hassle-free due to their convenient shape and design.

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