Sugarcane Fiber Biodegradable Round Disposable bowls with lids

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The bowl and lid in this set are made of 100% natural biodegradable materials, especially environmentally friendly plant fibers. This choice of material not only makes the bowl and lid environmentally friendly, but also ensures their durability and strength.

  • Material: Corn starch
  • Packaging Quantity: 100pcs
  • Gross weight: 7g
  • Specification: 100 sets/200 sets/300 sets
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    Corn starch

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    100 sets/200 sets/300 sets


    Bowls & Lids are made with 100% natural biodegradable materials,Eco-friendly Plant Fibers.

    Product Description

     ● The crush-resistant design and perfect texture enhance the overall quality of these products, making them a valuable addition to your daily routine.

     ● The use of thickened paper during the manufacturing process ensures that these bowls can withstand greater weight without compromising their integrity.

     ● The bowl has a smooth surface without any burrs, providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

     ● The main color of these bowls is a pleasant brown and rest assured no harmful bleach is used in the manufacturing process, giving you peace of mind when using them.

     ● The thickened construction of these bowls also makes them water and oil resistant, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

    Whether you need them for daily use at home, family gatherings, picnics, or travel, these bowls are a versatile choice. They're even suitable for packaging food into takeout containers, and their design makes them ideal for keeping food fresh in the refrigerator. Perfectly sized for everyday eating needs, these bowls accommodate popular dishes such as salads, steaks, and pasta. Its sturdy and durable construction makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, including picnics, barbecues, camping trips, or even as a convenient option for late-night snacks. One of the standout features of these bowls is their microwave and freezer safety.

    Product Features

    lunch box1

    You can safely microwave food or store them in the refrigerator without worrying about the integrity of these bowls. This attribute makes them ideal for meal prep, portion control, and ensuring healthy and nutritious meals even on the go. All in all, these cornstarch bowls and lids are eco-friendly, practical, and durable. The use of natural biodegradable materials and its crush-resistant design make it a great addition to your kitchenware collection. Whether you use them for everyday meals, special gatherings, or outdoor adventures, these bowls ensure your food stays fresh and enjoyable. Their versatility is further enhanced by their microwave and freezer safety, making them a great choice for convenient, healthy meal prep.

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